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Holistic Health

Diets don't work and only 2% of people keep their weight off after a diet. We are the only organisation in the world that places all its focus on the 2%. This is why we had to develop our own methods because the current way of doing things is not working.


A unique blend of counselling, coaching and practical advice with a scientific methodology designed to give you permanent results.


Yo-yo diets are the problem and people should no longer tolerate low standards of service, useless products, misleading advertising and the businesses that practice them.

Educate and Equip

How would it feel to have NO CONFUSION about the exact step-by-step method to lose body fat healthily and keep it off? The best part - you can still do it while eating Pizza and Ice Cream!


Every week, people all around the world are learning our proprietary methodology for permanent weight loss. That is how our PWL Method was born.


From Day 1, we teach you how to: boost your metabolism, eat more, and exercise less. This takes the cravings and frustration out of your weight loss journey. Most importantly, we remove all the confusion so that you have a clear path to the finish line.

Weight Loss Food Freedom

Compassion and Responsibility

Every minute, 5 people die to an obesity related illness. We know we can help.

Coaching increases the chances of success by over 1000% but the metrics show us that most overweight people come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

This is why we have to INNOVATE to make coaching affordable for everyday people.


Weight Loss is no different to personal development and that’s why our holistic approach will make you happier, healthier and more productive.

We help you learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. There are thousands of apps out there that can tell you “what to do” but that’s not the real problem.

We hold your hand and show you the WHAT, the HOW and the WHY of weight loss so that you get to your goal with greater ease, making it sustainable for the next 30 years (minimum).


Most companies are selling products that make you put all the weight back on once you stop using them.

We focus on the relationship with our clients which means you’re family for life.

We’ll hold your hand until the end, whatever it takes.


Diet Companies VS Health With Results

The Obesity Epidemic is getting worse, yet the profits of Diet Companies is increasing. This doesn’t make sense. They don’t want you to succeed! This fuels their profit growth at your expense.

Only one treatment stacks up when it comes to overall health and affordability.

Imagine having just ONE WARDROBE instead of three due to your weight fluctuations. We aim to solve the problem, not to give you a temporary band-aid. Life is too short to be worried about your weight fluctuating overnight. Get the confidence you deserve TODAY!

Why Do People Always Put The Weight Back On?
(We figured it out)


Fake Marketed As Food - Our bodies don’t need food. They need nutrition which can be found in certain types of food. Unfortunately processed foods and fast foods have very little nutritional value which means you store more fat faster.

Addiction - Certain types of food are 8x more addictive than cocaine which is why you can’t get your weight under control.

Truth - You are constantly being lied to about how to lose fat by people trying to sell their diet plans and supplements. ‘Weight Loss’ and ‘Fat Loss’ require different approaches, which is why you can’t keep the weight off.

Nutritional Knowledge - If you don’t understand the basics of human nutrition you can never succeed in your weight loss journey.

(Permanent Weight Loss)

  • The Pearson Principle: To lose weight and KEEP IT OFF in the long run requires resilience, commitment and strong will. With the Pearson Principle, we'll show you how to build that skill so that permanent weight loss becomes second nature to you.
  • Galpin's Law: Galpin's Law will show you how you can still lose weight AND enjoy the foods you love. We will show you how you can still go out for dinners and NOT feel guilty about your choices.
  • Activation Strategy: The Activation Strategy is a breakthrough process that will transform your perception of exercise. Once completed, you'll be IN LOVE with training and healthy living and you'll seem like a brand new you!

Health That Reignites Your Passions In Life

Our Founder - You Can Trust Us

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Oscar Chavez is a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author for his work in exposing the tactics of the Weight Loss Industry.

He is an International Keynote Speaker and Social Impact Entrepreneur.

Oscar founded Health With Results because he was a long-term client of the weight loss industry. Since the age of eight, he was in Dieticians’ offices with Doctors pleading with him to lose weight before he would need to go on blood pressure medication.

Oscar was forced to choose between life or death after 10 years of yo-yo dieting. He would lose 30kg, then gain another 40kg. Lose, then gain... lose, then gain. It was a vicious cycle until he eventually carried an excess of 77kg of body fat, which he has now lost.

This is how our proprietary PWL Method was born: with 10 years of experience, 12 months spent researching, followed by 12 months of documenting his methodology to assist everyday people increase their quality of life

Oscar Chavez Has Shared Stages And Rubbed Shoulders With The Following Celebrities

Founder of RadioBabes

Oscar Chavez and Natalie Riley


Oscar Chavez and Olivia Carr - Shhh Silk

Delta Goodrem

Oscar Chavez and Delta Goodrem

Internet revolutionary Dr Tom Leighton

Oscar Chavez and Dr Tom Leighton

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Oscar Chavez and Phil Rosenthal

Alistair Horscroft - TV celebrity and peak performance coach

Oscar Chavez and Alistair Horscroft


Oscar Chavez and Commando Steve


Oscar Chavez, Coach Joey, Coach Cherie, Coach Jason and Coach Kevin

Founder of Impact 100 Philanthropy Movement

Oscar Chavez and Tina Jackson

A Note From Our Founder


Dear Friend,


I’m sorry you’re so confused about your weight loss journey.

I’m sorry you’re sick of having several wardrobes.

I’m sorry you’ve been lied to your whole life about how to lose weight.


I’ve been in your shoes.


But those days are now over because I will show you step-by-step how to lose weight and keep it off. It worked for me - a once morbidly obese man. It’s worked for Janette, a 68 year old woman with a dependence on sugar.


There is no one we can’t help, but there is one condition - you actually have to want help. You have to be willing to do the work.

We won’t spoon feed you your meals which are delivered to your door. We won’t force you to do a gruelling bootcamp. But you’ll have to do some work.


If you’re not afraid of a bit of hard work, then we are the only solution in the world crafted end-to-end to help you lose the weight and keep it off.


Our clients have tried everything before coming to us, but we are the LAST weight loss solution they will ever need. The results speak for themselves.


Please make contact with us so we can help you.

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We have many options depending on your financial situation and we can tailor something that works for you.


We can’t help you for free, because you won’t value it. We are not a charity, we have lots of work to do as every minute, 5 people die from an obesity-related illness and we need more people and resources to impact and change the world.



Oscar Chavez

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author, International Keynote Speaker, Social Impact Entrepreneur


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