Ask These 3 Questions Before Your Next Diet

Paleo, Keto, Mediterranean, Atkins... Plus there’s meal replacement shakes, pills, wraps, tea and surgery…

We know... Weight loss can get confusing! But it doesn’t need to be!


Consider these three questions before going on another ‘diet’.

The following is a transcript of the video:


I totally agree that people on keto and people on this diet and that diet get results. But what you've got to look at is a definition of what you mean by results because there's a lot of definitions that you could look at.


So one definition could be...


"Did I lose weight on the scale?"


Yes. You tick that box, but if you're looking at results in terms of...


1 — "Were you able to lose weight?"

2 — "Was it sustainable?"




3 — "Can you keep it off in one year from now the way that you did it to get there?"


If the answer's no to that, then it's a real problem, because you could say...


"Hey, I'm going to get some meal replacements delivered to me."


You’re going to lose weight short-term, but then when those meals stop coming, you're going gain the weight back. Why even bother in the first place?

Yo-yo dieting actually affects you in more ways than one. It reduces your muscle mass and unfortunately, the hardest thing to gain is muscle mass. Unless you're going into the gym and pumping weights, you're not going to build muscle mass. It's very, very hard to build muscle mass.


So when you go through a yo-yo diet, you actually impact your body in more ways than one, so it's actually better to not do that in the first place.


Unless of course, you've got a short-term goal. Maybe you've got a wedding and you want to lose weight quickly, but you don't mind putting it back on.


Research says that people will try four diets a year.


So what you have to do if you're trying to sell it you know, if you're a guru in the industry — What you've got to do is develop a new diet and sell it, because eventually the money will keep coming around and that's what I said.


There's a lot of people making a small amount of money in this industry, because of the fact that people will just try diets. They're trying everything. People know they have a problem. People are desperate to fix it, but they just don't know how. So if you address those two fundamentals which are


“What don't you know?”


“What excuses am I holding on to?”


Then the floodgates of health will open up on the person.

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