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Oscar’s 77kg Weight Loss Message

When we’re kids we have all the dreams in the world. To be a rockstar. Have a family. To live at Disneyland and never have to work again. To eat all the sugar and junk and never have to eat broccoli (no matter how hard your parents make you try).   But then we grow up.…

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How To Find Motivation To Lose Weight

“I want to lose weight but I can’t find the motivation.”   Sound familiar?   Dieters have long since been on a mission to find the driving force that will help them commit to their weight loss goals. That secret missing ingredient that when found, will end the yo-yo dieting cycle once and for all.…

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Ask These 3 Questions Before Your Next Diet

Paleo, Keto, Mediterranean, Atkins… Plus there’s meal replacement shakes, pills, wraps, tea and surgery… We know… Weight loss can get confusing! But it doesn’t need to be!   Consider these three questions before going on another ‘diet’. The following is a transcript of the video:   I totally agree that people on keto and people…

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