How To Find Motivation To Lose Weight

"I want to lose weight but I can’t find the motivation."


Sound familiar?


Dieters have long since been on a mission to find the driving force that will help them commit to their weight loss goals. That secret missing ingredient that when found, will end the yo-yo dieting cycle once and for all.


Well, what are the keys to success?


Watch the video to find out, or read the transcript below.

Yeah, there's really three things to motivation that are really important and really dear to my heart.


The first thing is what most people get right; you've got to look at the ideal.


We've talked about this, you've got to look at the vision. What is the vision of  "What do I want my life to look like in ten years?"


There's someone inside that's calling out, and the key to personal development is being able to look back on that person and say


"Hey that person five years ago, the old me? Such a juvenile."


You can almost have contempt for that person. "How did that person get me to where I was?" "I didn't like where I was, I didn't want to be there but that person led me there."


So, through the journey of personal transformation, you have to be able to say that. You have to be able to walk towards that ideal which is who you want to be, and most people get that right. They say "Set up the vision, set up the goal" and that's cool, you have to do that.


But the piece that people don't look at is, you've also got to look at the opposite. What is it on the opposite end of that spectrum? It is something you don't want to walk towards.


Some of the people that we speak to break down in tears on the phone and they'll say "I don't want to die". It's that serious. They know that they're cutting their lives short. They know that they're going to live a shorter period of time.

In every minute, five people die from obesity. Every single minute, five people die from obesity. People know that there's a problem, people know that they're going to live a shorter amount of time, and you have to look at that if you're going to transform.


If you're going to motivate yourself in order to get changed, you have to look at that which you don't want to look at, and that is that your life could be terrible in ten years.


Your life could be falling apart. Your mood so bad you're pushing people away around you. You're not disciplined. You're not eating properly and then all of a sudden you're dying.


You've got to look at that, and it's uncomfortable. I agree. 100% it is uncomfortable, but you've got to do it.


Look at the vision, you've got to look at what you don't want to look.


The third thing is that you've got to get your mindset right about what motivation actually is. There's no such thing as motivation without action.


What causes motivation is action. So it's the decision, you take an action and as a result of the action, you see some results. That's where the motivation comes in, so people don't understand motivation.


They think that people just wake up out of bed and they're like "Oh my god, I'm motivated to go to the gym".


It doesn't work like that.


Every morning when I get up I don't want to go to the gym. All I want to do is stay in bed, but I'm a disciplined creature that will get up and go to the gym no matter how I feel. I will make sure that I don't overeat, no matter how much I love that food. Sometimes I do overeat, and sometimes I'm not perfect, and no one will ever be perfect.


But it's important to take action on that initial thing which you want, which is that ideal. Once you take action, then you can be motivated.


So if you're sitting around saying "I'm not motivated", it's because you haven't taken action and you can't blame anyone but yourself.

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