(mini) Weight Loss Academy Episode 2: Get Clear On Who You Are And Who You’re Not

We’re all familiar with what happens when someone says something hurtful to us. Perhaps we received a harsh criticism, or the delivery wasn’t quite as ‘polite’ as we wanted it to be. We get offended and sad but we also get angry…


But there’s also something else that happens when we get angry - we start to feel the monster inside and it starts to get uncomfortable. Perhaps too uncomfortable to act...find out more in this video.


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There were things I never tasted growing up, like health.


In our house, if I didn't eat everything on my plate, it was disrespectful.


When I got into the real world, I was like a man at the buffet bar and I needed to eat everything.


Then, I got to travel around the world discussing transformation with organisations and tasting deliciousness in those lands.


I went to Korea, Boston, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Mexico, Singapore, and Malaysia and I got to eat everything, but I didn't yet understand the keys to transforming my own health.


The world is a delicious and amazing place when we travel and eat amazing food, but my excess weight got in the way of the true adventure of travel.


I'm Oscar Chavez and in this five-part series, I'm saying to you


I'm going to teach you to lose weight and keep it off which is the hardest part. I am going to talk to you about the things that no one has ever talked to you about before and some of this stuff might make you feel a little bit sensitive.


So let me ask you a question, do you want the red pill or the blue pill?


All right so, episode number 2. Okay, the title of this one is 'Get clear on who you are and who you're not'. Ok, so this one's a little bit touchy and it's please save your offence until the end.


I'm not trying to hurt anyone, I'm just trying to be real with you because the truth is, not many people are telling you the truth. So I'm here to just tell you the truth, ok, and that may be a little sensitive, that may hurt a little bit.


But please, bear with me while I tell you the truth. And to get to the truth we have to dig through several layers of content in order to get down to the real truth and so, please bear with me for a moment.


Ok so firstly, let's just talk about the 'Parts of Self' and let's just talk about Gwyneth Paltrow in that movie 'Sliding Doors'.


You can make a decision right now that could change the absolute course of the rest of your life. You can make a decision that a) leads you to be an addict on the street, homeless with nowhere to turn, nothing to do, or, b) It could lead you to be one of the most influential human beings on this whole world, because of your good heart, your good nature, like Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King.


They're the two options that you have right now on the spectrum.


So if we look at that spectrum and we say, part a) you could either be a homeless or worse, you could be a monster. You could turn into someone like Hitler. So you could understand that that part of you actually exists, the part of you that actually wants to harm other people and, you know what? Could actually enjoy it.


Frederick Nietzsche says 'Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process, he does not become a monster.' and 'If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back at you'.


If you don't believe me, think about the last time someone offended you and the thoughts and feelings that you had inside yourself when that thing happened. They're not the kind of thoughts that you would allow other people to know, are they?


Yeah, everyone thinks and feels similar to you when they go through that exact same scenario.


I'm serious. You could delve down into history and you could find hundreds and hundreds of accounts of people that - something has just changed and then they unleash tyranny on themselves and then people around them.


There's a lot of accounts of those kinds of things, that part of you actually exists.


If you don't believe me, then when was the last time you wanted revenge on someone? When was the last time you hurt someone and you actually wanted to hurt them back?


Now imagine if you were confronted with that opportunity to actually hurt someone, but then, you found out that they actually hurt your family, in a really bad way.


How would you respond?


You could probably see how you could then think about yourself at their funeral as they're being buried as the villain. As they're there no longer. And you could find a little bit of relief inside yourself because of that situation and that person is longer here.


And you need to acknowledge that that part of you actually exists.


So, at the end of the day, we're all animals and we have these animalistic features that make us want to get angry sometimes and to hurt other human beings.


And to deny that part of yourself means that you're truly blind.


Then we talk about the ego and how the ego makes us feel and puff ourselves up, bigger than what we really should. Like, we're not some sort of an amazing hero, that's like, ego talk.


Because the next minute, the flu could come, and you're struck down, and you died just from that, just from a bacteria that you can't even see.


So we're not superhuman. We're animals and anything could happen to us, at any time. But it's incredible because just like a superhero like Superman, for instance, he had his weakness which is kryptonite and that's what makes a superhero a superhero.


It's the ability to overcome the weakness that makes the person the superhero.


And so, you have weaknesses that you need to deal with. You are not invincible. And that's okay, no one's invincible.


You have scars that you need to deal with in order to get better results in your life. We all have weaknesses and some of those weaknesses are a lot easier to spot, like obesity.


But some of them you don't even see unless you look at the bank account. For instance, you could have someone that likes to go on a shopping spree all the time, because it makes them feel better. But you can have someone that sits at the poker machine and keeps pulling the slot down because all they want to feel is that bit of release. Or, you could have someone that's addicted to cocaine.


So there's no difference between a spectrum of weakness here. We all have weaknesses we have to deal with.


Or you could even have the chain smoker that's like, lighting one cigarette after another. And he feels bad about it, but he still goes and buys them all the time.


Like, these are all the weaknesses that we need to deal with.


And so my weakness? I still love food. I absolutely adore it. So even though I was able to overcome and beat my weaknesses of obesity, I still have these scars to this very day that I need to manage.


Because sometimes I do, sometimes I just eat too much and I end up hating myself for eating that much. But I've learned to integrate those weaknesses into my normal state of being so that I could live a much more fulfilled life, and that's what I'm trying to help you to do.


Okay so if I haven't offended you yet, we're definitely on the right path - but that's like the first layer.


Let's get a little bit deeper.


Now that we understand the spectrum of personality and who you could be, let's play the blame and have a look at where the blame lies for obesity in society today.


Now just keep in mind that the data says that 75% of people can't even tell that they're overweight or obese.


If you don't believe me, just look at me. Look at me. Look into my eyes.


Can you see your nose?


It's a fact that we can all see our nose one hundred percent of the time. Our brain chooses to ignore it so that our brain is doing us a favour so that it's not in our way all the time - and it's exactly the same with obesity.


Our brain does its job to protect us from the emotions of feeling, you know, overwhelmed all the time - about how we've gotten ourselves into this state. So when you look in the mirror, reality may not be something that you see very clearly and it took me a long time to realize this.


You know, it took about 50 kilos of loss for me to be able to realize that I had changed in the mirror. And then, suddenly I started seeing my excess skin and that's where it hit me like a ton of bricks.


That was an overwhelming feeling, to be able to see what I had done to my body over years and years of abuse. Yeah, that's just life. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. And so, I don't regret anything, because I wouldn't be the person I was today unless I went through some hardship - and hardship develops character.


Okay, so let's just play the blame game.


I mean there are many, many, many sources of blame here that we could look at. And I personally put a lot of blame on the weight loss companies that don't actually help anyone lose weight.


Because I went through all of them.


I tried. I reached out for help, saying 'Hey, I need help. I'm overwhelmed with how big I am.' And nobody actually offered any other help.


And so, we're gonna delve a little bit deeper into this if you stay with me to the end. Reasons why, is because 'truth' doesn't sell.


You could look at the stats and through history, we can see throughout time that 'truth' just does not sell. So we might blame the government for not regulating the industry properly. But you've got to understand that the government has a really tough job of regulating an industry because by the time they finally get their act together and put some regulations on the industry, the industry can change rapidly to fit outside of the regulation.


And so you could say, for instance, 'You can't put ten chickens in more than this size area for a company.' And the company goes, 'Okay well, I'm just gonna put nine chickens in that area.'


But does that make a material difference? Not really.


Well, the company could say 'Okay, we're gonna expand our little box here to this level and then we're gonna put eleven chickens in there.'


And it's like, well, that doesn't even make a material difference. And so the government has a really hard time at regulating the industry, so you can't really blame them.


I mean, yes, they allow preservatives in food that can lead to a much higher risk of cancer. Yes, they allow enough salt, sugar and fat in fast food and the fake food products in the supermarket, to make that food eight times more addictive than cocaine.


I'm not saying there's some stuff here that they couldn't do, but what I'm saying, is that you can't blame them.


And then, you could look at the weight loss industry in its entirety.


You could blame the gurus because everyone's trying to sell their meal plans, everyone's trying to sell their new diets that lead to temporary results.


And so, everyone now is jumping on the keto bandwagon, because they're like 'Oh my god! I can eat bacon and still lose weight!? Like, tell me the diet that allows me to do this!' - p.s. By the way, you can eat bacon and still lose weight without keto, like, it's not hard.


And the misinformation is just crazy, 'cause like, low-carb one minute, then high-carb the next minute. And then, the next minute high protein is killing you, and then the next minute high fat is killing you.


So nobody can get their act together about what is actually going to help you and not help you lose weight, and that's a huge part of the problem here. But again, we can't really blame that.


And then we start blaming the food pyramid because the government released its food pyramid that's upside down. And we get angry with them because they're like 'Wow let's look at obesity. I can't believe obesity is such an issue now. It's the government's fault. It's the government's fault.'


It isn't even about that, because the media likes to report negativity because your brain is wired to pay attention when you see negativity.


Think about when you're sleeping in your house to sleep and then you hear a rustle outside you like 'Oh! What was that? I want to see that! What is that?' and so your brain is wired to know a little bit more about negativity.


And so the media? All they want to do is get your eyeballs because if they release a little bit of negative news you're gonna be clicking on that bad boy and you're gonna be reading that article and then you're gonna be reading that article and then they're gonna be able to advertise for you to be able to make more money.


I just personally hope that this YouTube video makes me enough money to buy one cup of coffee. Like, that's all I'm trying to do.


Or you can think about anyone that likes to talk about gossip in the workplace and then you're instantly involved. You're like 'Yes. tell me that gossip, I want to know more about what that person said.' It's something that's just wired inside us, to be negative, so you've got to be aware of that.


So yes, the media could do a better job at that. But the person that we need to look at now that we've looked at all the different scenarios here, is we need to look at you, the individual.


Let's have a look and play the blame game on you as the individual.


And the reason we need to look at you is because no one forced you to drive through McDonald's and get that drive-through. Nobody forced you to eat that whole block of chocolate or that whole tub of Ben and Jerry's (Ben and Jerry's, my favourite). No one forced you to go out with the ladies and drink eight cocktails, and then spend your night on your knees throwing up into the toilet.


Like, nobody forced you to do this. And so, let's look at you for a moment. If we could blame the government, then obesity would just be a Western issue. Obesity is not a Western issue, it's an ancient issue.


Let's get a layer deeper.


In 399 BC, Socrates said, for the people of ancient Greece, fatness was the result of a lazy lifestyle and as proud people, the ancients didn't want to be associated with such a life.


For the philosopher, Socrates, who took a Stern line on the problem, being obese was the result of not knowing what the right thing is. If we knew what the right thing was, he said, we would not fail to do it, because it would have been so obviously in our interest to do it.


Overweight people didn't really know what was right after all - the person simply had an opinion about it, which was prone to be perverted by passing whims.


This, in simple terms, means you become careless because of your nature to want things quickly and with little to no effort. You want things that feel good for you in the short term, with no regards on how they impact you in the long term. Hence the Socratic Paradox, according to which - No one does wrong willingly, but only ignorantly. Therefore, curing ignorance is the only solution.


Now, before I even knew this, before I even found this little bit of research, I spent 12 months of my life building weight loss Academy, because I believe that the only true way to lose your weight and to keep it off is through knowledge, through education.


This is the only way, and this is the Socrates principle.


So what I'm saying here - and I can say this with full conviction because I've been in your shoes - is that overweight people are lazy. This is an ancient concept.


And it's not Nestle's fault for pumping way more sugar into their chocolates and you would ever need and then buying Jenny Craig. Oh, wait. You didn't know that Jenny Craig was owned by Nestle?.... Ohhhh... Cats out of the bag...


I've been overweight and you can't deny this fact. And yeah, you could probably get angry and say 'Nobody tells me how to look' and 'Nobody tells me the way my body should be' and, 'Yes, I'm body positive and I can eat how I want and still be happy.'


But if you actually look at it, you actually tell yourself about 60% of the time that you're actually unhappy with your weight. And you can fool yourself and tell yourself that you're happy not losing the weight... But you're only fooling yourself and you're only hurting yourself and putting on a facade out there saying that you're truly happy with your weight.


And so if you are overweight, you know it because 60% of your emotions - between 60 and 90 percent of your emotions are actually negative towards yourself.


One of the biggest things that I learned, was that when I finally was able to remove all my excess weight, my headspace, my clarity got so much better. And I'm going to talk to you about clarity in one of the next videos, but that's such an important concept. That the negativity from your life could actually really disappear if you actually got your act together.


And so, if you actually look at the hierarchy of human needs, you get stuck on level 4 if you haven't fixed up your health. Level 5 of the hierarchy of needs of the individual, of the human, to feel wholeness - wholeness meaning to be everything you could possibly be in your life. To be the maximum version of who you're capable of being. To be the happiest person you could possibly be in order to do that, in order to achieve wholeness you need to fix your health.


So there's someone inside of you screaming every single day asking you for help, telling you 'Hey I'm trapped in this body! Help me out! I want to be whole!'


So if you feel like that, then there are things you can do to fix it - I'm going to show you how in this video.


So we know that the root cause of obesity is laziness and so step one is, take a look around your house and look for signs of laziness.


You could even start with your kitchen. You could go and throw out all the things that you don't need in your kitchen, things that are that are stopping you from getting results. All you need to do is start to analyze your life and say 'Where am I being lazy?' and you need to start beating that out of yourself in your life, and you need to stop being lazy.


If you fix this then this ancient concept of obesity will start to disappear. Even things in your headspace will change and you'll start to get a little bit more clarity.


So organize that kitchen, so you don't feel like you have to order these frozen meals from this company that's telling you how to lose weight, because those meals coming to your door are going to keep you lazy and you will never fix the root cause of obesity, which is laziness.


And so that's a bad idea if you're doing that to lose weight. So the first thing is - Clean up your kitchen. Get your act together. Stop being lazy.


Once that's done, then we could look at step number two, which is, don't be perverted by passing whims.


Most of the things in the supermarket are things that are going to satisfy your passing whims. There's gonna be lots of chocolates, there's gonna be lots of corn chips. There's gonna be lots of processed food, with lots of salt, sugar and fat - which are gonna keep you addicted, eight times more addictive than cocaine.


Then, when you go to the checkout, you're gonna see that all the stuff at the front is all these chocolates on sale. It's like, you're about to pay for something that is like healthy and delicious and you see the timeout bars on special. It's discounted and so, don't be perverted by passing whims, because that's step number two.


If you start to do this you'll notice that snack foods are always on special. And you'll also notice that those snack foods are all owned by the same parent organization. So all they do is put half of their stock on sale so that you're like, 'Wow look at that, that's all on sale'.


They're gonna make the money anyway because they know you're perverted by passing whims. They know that you want the quick fix to your little, your little emotions of sadness.


So if you don't allow yourself to be perverted by passing whims and you beat the laziness out of your life, who could you become?


Who could you become if you started to beat those couple of things out of your life? Who could you be?


Not to mention that these types of foods are actually fake food. They're not, they're not real food and don't actually fuel and nourish your body. You can't extract many nutrients from that, so what happens to that? You put that all on as fat. These foods are calorie dense food, so you're going to put it straight on your belly, hips and thighs, so you've gotta stay away from that stuff.


You're gonna say to yourself, what does this fake food do to my body and is it worth eating this fake food?


Yes, it tastes good. Absolutely. Its engineered by scientists to taste good. I mean, they put these little drops on your tongue and research with human beings, they're like 'Which one of these tastes the best?'


It's like when you go to the optometrist and they're like which looks better? Which looks better? Which looks better? And they do this with the taste buds to make sure that they're giving you the most delicious thing you could possibly taste.


All it is, at the end of the day, is just loaded with sugar. So you need to say to yourself. What is this fake food and what is this fake food gonna do to my body? Like, it's just gonna go straight on as fat because your body can't absorb many nutrients out of it.


So, guys, this series deals with how to overcome yourself for permanent weight loss, but I'm also going to talk about the chemical reaction - the naturally occurring chemical reaction that happens in your body, that if you don't fix it, it's gonna stop you from burning fat while you sleep naturally.


So you can jump into the free live web class that I'm gonna host for you at www.healthwithresults.com/webinar and so, if you join that web class, you're gonna be able to learn a lot more, because you need the right tools and support and accountability for you to be able to hit your goals and have that right environment for you.


This series, again, deals with how to overcome yourself, so if you go over there you'll get a lot more information that you can use today, in order to lose weight and keep it off forever. Thank you.


Now before you go, I want to be real with you for a moment. Some of these lessons are really hard to comprehend, but 98% of people can't lose their weight and keep it off. I think that's absolutely ridiculous.


If you start to learn to be truthful with yourself - you gotta learn to overcome a lot better because I believe you have within you, the ability to transform your life. I believe you have within you, the ability to completely get what you want if you chase after it hard enough.


That's why I talk to you in lesson number one about knowing your why, because every single day it's gonna be poking you, saying 'You need to eat that. You need to eat that.' Especially for those of you who are addicted to food, which is most of you, even though you don't realize this is an addiction doesn't mean it's not an addiction.


Number two - let's be honest with yourself. The root cause of obesity is laziness is an ancient principle. It's not the food pyramid. It's not people pumping sugar in the food that shouldn't be there. Yes, they do it. Yes, they could do such a better job of helping the world keep healthy.


But unless the individual actually takes accountability for their own actions, then nothing will ever change for most of the population.


So it's up to you, and you have within you what it takes to change guys.


I'm sick of people failing at weight-loss. I'm sick of people living unfulfilled lives. I think everyone deserves their health because it's a fundamental pillar of finding true happiness. And you could say you could say, 'Obviously I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy.' But it's a mask, guys. It's a mask.


There's something inside you that you know needs to change.


You could be superficially happy, but in order to find wholeness and a true sense of fulfilment, then you've got to get your health back in control. If you have control of your health, then that's the first step to finding wholeness and being everything that you could be. Unless you have that, then you don't know what other opportunities you're missing out on in your life.


And you only live once, so fight for your right to be healthy so that you could live a much more fulfilling life.


And don't let anything ever stand in your way. A great man once said get rich or die trying and that was 50 cent. He wanted so badly to be worth a whole dollar that he did everything in his power to get to be worth a dollar. He was willing to die to become worth a dollar.


Now I'm slightly exaggerating and I'm joking here, but that was his philosophy on getting rich. It's 'Get rich or die trying.'


So, the question I have for you is, are you gonna have that same belief system about health? Are you gonna have that same belief system which is, get healthy or die trying?


Now please don't do that the right way because I had that philosophy and I slipped two disks in my back and I have a permanent injury and permanent pain for being stupid, about not following proper advice.


And so, I'm not saying to do this, but is that your belief system? That you're like, I'm gonna get healthy or die trying. If it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna do this.


Because unless you have that kind of desire for your weight loss, then you're not gonna be able to make it because it's hard to do. It's like one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do.


If you want help, if you want more of my help to be able to lose your weight and keep it off, please head over to my webinar and I'm gonna sit with you. I'm gonna be able to help you and hold your hand to know the stuff that you need to know. Because as you know, it's confusing out there.


There's a lot of information out there that doesn't make sense and so that's my offer to you. That's the bonus that I'm gonna give to you for watching this video. Thank you so much for watching.


Thank you so much for watching that video, and as we always do, if you've got thoughts, put them in the comments below.


If you disagree put them in the comments below.


And also, we're trying to change lives here and we're trying to help people Live Healthier Longer. So if you or someone else you know wants to Live Healthier Longer, then please like, share and subscribe and help us get our message into the world. Thank you.

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