Oscar’s 77kg Weight Loss Message

When we’re kids we have all the dreams in the world. To be a rockstar. Have a family. To live at Disneyland and never have to work again. To eat all the sugar and junk and never have to eat broccoli (no matter how hard your parents make you try).


But then we grow up. We realise which dreams are actually possible in the real world and those that aren’t.


I’ve always been the type to push boundaries. To dig deep and aim high. I’m proud to say that some of those childhood dreams came true. Because I put the effort in and believed I could do it. I was a contestant on "The Voice Australia", and performed on many stages with my band, Suns of Cascadia.


I have two beautiful kids, Arianna and Diego. While I’ve never set foot at any Disneyland (let alone live there), and realised that adult life comes with many responsibilities (meaning I can’t exactly never work), I’ve found my life’s calling - to help people.


I believe that when you master something - when you overcome adversity through consistent discipline and achieve your goals - there’s a drive within to share your story and help others walking the same path.


Because I know how hard it is to be at the beginning of a weight loss journey, to see the massive goal that’s ahead of you, and be lured into the temptation of the old, familiar and comfortable ways. To use the same, tired excuses - preaching it to yourself and others around you as a defence mechanism from facing the facts.


That it’s always been in your control.


Despite the medical conditions, the body aches and pains, the lack of time and untapped motivation - there is good news...there are no excuses! You can achieve your weight loss goals if you genuinely want to.

So what qualifies me to help others on their weight loss journeys? It’s not a certificate on a piece of paper. It isn't sitting in a classroom passively taking in information. It’s not writing essays or sitting through exams. There are plenty of professionals you can turn to if you want their assistance. A GP is just an appointment away. They can link you to a Nutritionist, a Dietician, a Physiotherapist, a Surgeon. These are all people who are experts in their field!


If you’re one of the many people who have turned to professionals for help, but have left their offices feeling empty-handed... Ask yourself, “Why is that?!”.


Perhaps they couldn’t empathise with you. Perhaps they didn’t quite understand the psychological pains you’ve been through in living with the excess weight. The list goes on! But you must ask yourself that question.


What qualifies me to help others on their weight loss journey is the fact that I’ve been through the journey myself and lived through all of it! The before, the middle, and the after - 77kgs of excess weight gone forever. It’s from the time and money I’ve spent in doing the research - talking to professionals in their fields, analysing what ‘facts’ held merit and what didn’t, investigating food manufacturing tactics, scrutinising nutritional labels...


I applied all these learnings into my life, continuously reassessing what worked and what didn’t work - pain, sweat, tears and finally...clarity. I found a way to differentiate the weight loss facts from all the noise. More importantly, I developed a way to translate this into simple, applicable steps.


I did all this research while being a high-performance executive, working a full-time job where I  led teams to execute multi-million dollar strategic deals in the world’s most complex business negotiations. Not to mention, raising two kids.


If anyone didn’t have time to fit in exercise and eating healthy, it was me. But what I realised was that no one has time. You create time for the things that are important to you. If I have led successful teams to grow companies, as well as their own individual career profiles, then I can lead you to unlock your potential - which is much more than just “weight loss”.


Reflecting on this now, it’s funny to think that all this was made possible from fulfilling a dream of overeating the food that I wanted, rather than the food that was actually good for me. That childhood dream cost me years of good health. But I’m making up for that now, and helping shine the light for others who have walked a similar path in the hands of Obesity.

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