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Everyone gets counting calories WRONG!!!


I see so many of you starving yourselves on all these social media sites, eating 3 raisins and a slice of carrot for dinner.
So let me make this really simple for you...


  • Calories are energy units.
  • Food contains energy units
  • If you eat too many energy units, your body stores them as fat


If you don't eat enough energy units, your body cannot function properly.
Things like cognitive functioning, temperature regulation, hormonal balance and other complex features of our incredible bodies.


Your body then goes into a state of Metabolic Dysfunction and you will really struggle to lose weight...


In fact, it will be impossible...


If your body has barely enough energy to keep the brain and other bodily functions running properly, then how do you expect it to want to use energy to burn fat stores away?


Not to mention your lean muscle mass will waste away...


You'll get frustrated and give up because you'll be undernourished and your survival instinct will kick in... You'll find any source of food and guess what?
The quickest food to find is "Fast Food". This is fake food with no nutritional value, but is high in empty calories...


Your poor metabolism will make you gain the weight back on AND MORE.


This is what we call a Yo-Yo Diet.


The key is to eating THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF CALORIES,


This means a normal calorie lifestyle full of whole foods. You see "Low Carb" and "Low Fat" are profitable industries in their own right.


Those industries earn millions of dollars by making you think you need a "Low Carb" option and a "Low Fat" option. And now we have the latest fad diet, which is "Keto"...


People tell you to eat tons of bacon and cheese and all of a sudden everyone's trying the diet.This isn't going to end well... 




In order to lose weight, you need a balanced diet of carbs, protein and fat, with the right amount of calories... I mean, our brains need carbs for survival so low carb diets are A BAD IDEA!




Use the information in the Calorie Counter to the right to determine how much energy your body requires per day. A Calorie Counter like MyFitnessPal will help you understand how much energy food contains.


Place your calorie target into MyFitnessPal and you will understand how much fuel you need to eat in order to power your body.


Don't use the MyFitnessPal Calorie Calculator - they don't line up with most online calorie calculators but you can definitely use it to track your calories


Failure to eat the right amount of calories will not only lead to metabolic dysfunction, it will also make it much harder to lose weight.

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