Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer a cookie cutter program?

Not at all, we offer a customised program based on your body type and goals. Your coach will help support you throughout your entire journey.

I love my current diet, is this really for me?

We are glad you love your diet. But imagine being able to incorporate more flexible eating into your life so that you could go out to more restaurants without the weight fluctuations?

Diets can bring results on the scales, but there is strong proof that diets are an unsustainable weight loss solution.

Imagine the freedom of being able to eat how you want, when you want. This is the power of the #projectfitnessjourney way.

Can you modify the program based on my health conditions?

We love to know more about our clients and it would give us great pleasure to work with you specifically on your health.

We are committed to your success.

We advise that you consult with your Doctor for any medical condition that you may have.

How Much Does This Cost?

We are aggressively expanding and we are also looking for new clients. We base our pricing on how much Weight you have to lose. 
The founder of Health With Results® is an obesity survivor and genuinely wants to help people transform their lives. 
The price of our services will increase over time to ensure we are working with people who are committed to change.
Please note, this is much more affordable than most weight loss solutions AND we guarantee long term results.

What is your secret "Dial In" Formula

We developed this formula for people who are time poor, poor planners and just want the results.
We will help increase your strength, increase your resting metabolic rate and help you get results faster.
We minimise hard work and increase smart work.
We want efficient Weight Loss to get you to your goals quickly.

I'm on Keto and getting good results, is this for me?

Keto unfortunately starts damaging your Metabolism after a week. Keto is fantastic for people that have a short term Weight Loss goal, but have no intention of keeping the weight off.

Keto promises lots of Bacon, Grass Fed Beef and Cheese so people struggling with Weight Loss have flooded to Keto because they get to eat delicious high-fat foods! BUT...this is problematic for people who have been struggling with their weight as research shows that this has a high chance of ending up in another yo-yo diet.

I explain on day one that there are 3 types of Weight Loss. Two of those result in yo-yo diets, while only one of them will offer you the health you've been craving for.

I'm eating less so I'm already losing weight, how can you help me?

Understanding how Metabolism powers your body is incredibly important because it will make you think twice about going on low calorie diets. These diets do offer short term results on the scales, but the weight is lost from water weight and muscle mass.

Many of our clients have suffered from thinning hair, unexplained fatigue and nausea from their diets and we have helped them to recover and strengthen their metabolism for long term results.

What is Metabolic Dysfunction?

Metabolic Dysfunction occurs when your body goes through a period of malnutrition (low carb, low calorie diets). The body starts to slow down its operational efficiency to compensate for its lack of energy intake.

It's kind of like a bear preparing for its hibernation. 20% of our calorie intake is for brain function alone so it's important to fuel your body the right way. Most people have a knee jerk reaction to Weight Loss and they start exercising for hours and eating less and less.

That's like starving your car of petrol and taking it on a road trip.

Let me ask you a few questions:

If you don't make the changes today, will you continue to yo-yo diet for the rest of your life?

Will you be able to do all the active things that you really want to do, but can't?

Will you be able to be active with your children or their children when they grow up?

The answer is: Not until you make the changes required to lose weight each and every day!

You still have doubts?

If you still have any questions or concerns that are not listed in the FAQs above, feel free contact us and we can take a closer look and get back to you.

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